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Launching the Lived Experience in Policymaking Guide: Reflections on the principles, behaviours, and mindsets that underpin lived experience work

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Lived experience refers to knowledge acquired through direct, first-hand and personal experience. In policymaking this usually involves people who experience a particular policy or issue in their daily lives.    Today, we are launching a short 'Lived Experience in Policymaking Guide’. …

Launching the Healthy System Indicators: A new way of relational working across local and national systems

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How do we know if we are healthy? What do we look out for? We have a regular temperature, we know our energy levels, our body doesn't ache. These are indicators of good health.   Much like the body, we can …

Launching “Systemic” - A game for applying systems change thinking to policy 

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This blog launches “Systemic” – a game that simulates how policy-making systems function and possible shifts that can be made to improve policy outcomes. Systemic has been inspired by the world of board games, and was co-created by Policy Lab …