Policy Lab

Policy Lab is bringing new policy techniques to the departments across the civil service, helping design services around people’s experience, using data analytics and new digital tools.

Open policy making in action: Empowering divorcing couples and separating families to create sustainable solutions

A sandwich board is set up on the floor with a paper sign on it saying 'hello' and pointing people into the workshop room.

Set up in April 2014, Policy Lab brings new tools and techniques, new insights and practical experimentation to policy-making. This second demonstrator project has over the past two months resulted in learning about how policy professionals can work in a …

Policy Lab brings policy folk together to explore potential professional accreditation

Chartered surveyors have their chartership, lawyers and engineers have their skills widely recognised. What if there was equivalent professional recognition for policy officials? It’s an interesting question – read on to find out the results of a ‘Lab Light’ workshop …

Open ideas days: the products

Post-its with ideas are stuck onto a flipchart paper on the wall, reading 'what if?'

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Open Ideas Days that Policy Lab was planning to support the Deputy Prime Minister’s Northern Futures project. They took place on October 16th: check out a moment-by-moment account here and a …