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People-Centred Policy Design: free five-part course now live on FutureLearn

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Policy Lab and the Policy Profession have launched a new, free five-part course called People-Centred Policy Design, on FutureLearn. The course will help policy makers apply innovative, people-centred tools and methods.  This course is for policy makers interested in integrating …

A mixed-methods approach to co-designing Seabass regulations

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Welsh Government have just launched a public consultation ahead of a new Fisheries Management Plan for Seabass. Policy Lab partnered with them in the lead up to a formal …

Making co-design more inclusive by overcoming language barriers

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Policy Lab recently worked on a project that explored how resettled refugees can participate in language learning that supports their integration into society. To explore this area, we combined film ethnography and co-design to learn from and create solutions with …

MANIFEST: What we have learnt so far from artists working in policy

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Policy Lab has a history of bringing experimental and innovative approaches into policymaking. In January, we wrote about the launch of MANIFEST, our new experimental initiative to evaluate the role of art in policy. As part of MANIFEST, the Arts …

Launching MANIFEST, our new initiative to evaluate the role of art in policy

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From left to right a photograph of the artistic duo Semiconductor standing by a circuitboard, Christopher Samuels sat in a motorised wheelchair in an art studio and Dryden Goodwin, standing in a road tunnel in front of sequence of posters showing his sketches

Policy Lab has an eight year history of testing innovative approaches to policymaking. Central to this story is collaboration between different disciplines, whether they be from the social sciences, sciences, humanities or arts. Some of the methods, such as design …

Using collective intelligence in government: a view from the Policy Profession Unit

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We recently wrote about how Collective Intelligence tools can be applied to complex policy areas. This blog is the first in a series of guest posts from policy teams sharing their experiences of working with our Collective Intelligence Lab. We …