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Skills, tools and techniques

There are a multitude of skills, tools and techniques you can use to implement open and better policy making. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to design better policy - here's where you can find out all the latest on tools to help you deliver better, more open policy.

Cards toolkit to help generate ideas and develop your policy project in an agile way

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Since its birth in the mid-90s, agile methodology has become the star of the software development and project management world. lists 43 different agile courses available, 3M post-it notes sales are around £1 billion per year and ‘scrums’, ‘burn-downs’ …

What do civil servants need to learn about user-centred design?

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User-centred design is increasingly on the agenda of government and Civil Service Learning is gearing up to deliver learning on user-centred design next year. Read about how they're using the Policy Lab to help design the course.

Ethnography in policymaking: Barriers and opportunities

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Increasingly on the agenda of policymakers is a need to understand the needs, capacities and perspectives of citizens, service users, beneficiaries and front line staff so that policies are fit for purpose and deliverable and public services are better designed.