Welcome to the Policy Lab

Dr Andrea Siodmok

At a recent meeting with Ben Terrett (Director of Design at the Government Digital Service) I was reminded of the importance of sharing ideas. ‘You’ve got to blog,’ he said, so here is the Policy Lab’s first post. It also coincides with Nesta’s i-teams report, which is sharing best practice from around the world as part of a growing community of innovation teams bringing new approaches to Government. We’ve received a lot of interest already from around the world to share our thinking and we also welcome others getting in touch.

Joining up the Grey Cells

Photo of older people participating in a workshop in a wood-panelled room

With the recent publication of the Government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy, the DCLG Local Digital Campaign hosted a special workshop bringing together cross-government policy makers, practitioners and partners to examine the lessons and opportunities arising from digital inclusion pilot projects.